Barefoot Birth is the Natural Choice for Childbirth

Located in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, Barefoot Birth was established in 2009 as a company that provides a full range of services related to the birthing process. The company was started by a midwife and her partner in order to provide doula support services that rank among the best in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. In fact, midwife Charlie Rae Young, who co-founded Barefoot Birth, is one of just two midwives in the region who will bother to offer the option for home birthing services.

Overall, Barefoot Birth serves a role as a care and support operation that was carefully designed to encourage more expectant families to choose more natural birthing methods. Right now, a great many families don’t consider natural birth because they don’t recognize that as an option. Barefoot Birth offers fully personalized prenatal and post-partum care and support to make that option seem more realistic. The company also wants to have a hand in the entire birthing experience, at all levels, because they want to make the birth the most exciting experience in your life.

That is why Barefoot Birth also offer childbirth education, massage therapy and even professional birth photography and belly casting services. They are focused on providing expectant families throughout the Tampa Bay Area with the highest-quality care and support possible in a way that meets the unique needs of each, whether they decide to use the hospital or have their child at home. They operate from the perspective that the decision is always up to the family, with the midwives only being there to provide them with the support they need, no matter what.

Tampa Bay prenatal and birth services from Barefoot Birth

Founded in early 2009, Barefoot Birth extends specialty, personalized birthing services to naturally-minded families in the Tampa Bay area. Started by Charlie Young, a Florida Licensed Midwife who graduated from the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery, Barefoot Birth works alongside families on their varied needs as they welcome new members into the world. From home birth services to pregnancy, birth, postpartum doula support and even concierge prenatal care that extends long after the child joins the family, Barefoot Birth and its team creates a plan of action with the mother and family that meets, and exceeds, needs and expectations throughout the birthing process.

Additional services are also available from Young and Barefoot Birth. Her staff extends massage therapy, professional family photography and even belly casting to interested families. Barefoot Birth aims to make the entire experience of birth as beautiful as possible as individuals prepare for and enter parenthood. The business has extended these services to families in Florida for eight years and the midwifery niche continues to grow in the region and for Barefoot Birth as well, continuing to add amenities to its available options to families seeking a stigma-free, natural birthing environment.